Monday, May 11, 2015

Version 3.2 Highlights

Evernote, WordPress, Blogger, RSS/Atom Feed Support

For those who have already great content on Evernote, WordPress, Blogger, or other blogging platform, CBB makes use of that content to create your own book easier now.
  1. Tap Import button (down arrow)
  2. Select Evernote, Blogger, WordPress, or RSS/Atom Feed
  3. Type the required information
  4. Tap Start Import button

Better support for Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawing

There is a specific item called "Google Documents" in Import and Add Element popover screen. It will download the specified Google Documents from your Google Drive account.

CBB extracts text from Google Docs and turn it to paragraph, turns each slides of Google Slides presentation into images, turns spreadsheets of Google Sheets into images, turns drawing in Google Drawing into images as well. It separates the function from "Files From Google Drive" which treats presentation and spreadsheet as embedded files.

Edit cover image and book information without leaving publish screen

Previously, in publish screen, if you found that some information is missing or want to modify cover image, you need to close publish screen, editing and then tap Publish button again to generate the book.

Now you do not need to close publish screen, you can change book information by tapping book title and description, and change cover image by tapping cover image's thumbnail directly.

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