Sunday, January 31, 2016

Create Beautiful Diagram Using Shapes Element

From version 3.4, you can create a beautiful diagram to illustrate your idea using new Shapes element.

The following shapes are supported:
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Ellipse
  • Star
  • Arrow
  • Line
  • Polygon
  • Text box
  • Image box

In element list or page, tap + button, select Widget, then select Shapes to launch Shapes editor.
Tap shape icon to add new shape.

When select the shape, top navigation bar is changed, and then you can edit the properties of the selected shape.

Tap T icon to add text or tap image icon to insert image.

Moreover, tap settings icon to change the size, background image or color of the whole canva.

Finally, shapes will be saved as image.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to record your screen within CBB

From version 3.4, you can now add screen recording to explain anythings within the app, for example:
  • Record the process of creating diagram using shapes (using Shapes Element)
  • Record the process of drawing somethings (using Drawing Element)
  • Create demo video to explain how to use CBB
Here are the steps:

1. For classic book, in element list, tap + button and then select Screen Recording. For fixed layout book, tap + button on the bottom of the page and then select Screen Recording.

2. When the confirmation message is prompted, tap Start Now.

3. If it is the first time to use screen recording, system will ask you if you allow screen recording in Creative Book Builder. You can just tap Record Screen & Microphone.

4. You can now start to record your screen and voice. There are red timer and red stop button in the top navigation bar.

5. When you finish your recording, just tap stop button or use 2 fingers tap to stop the recording. Video preview screen will be launched.

6. Finally, tap Save button to save the video to CBB.

7. New video element will be created.

Some points to be noted:
  • We strongly recommend that you should not trim video in video preview screen after you finish recording. You just save video and then edit video later. You can also trim video using CBB function.
  • Screen recording is using iOS 9 system feature so that video will be also saved to Photo Library as well.
  • You can record the screen within CBB only. If you quit CBB during recording process, nothing will be recorded.

Creative Book Builder v3.4

New features:

1. New Element: Shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, star, etc.)

2. New Element: Checklist (list item with checkbox)

3. New Element: Rich Table (more customized table with images)

4. New Element: Table Of Contents

5. Add screen recording to explain everything within the app (for iOS 9 only)

6. Embed Google Forms easier (for HTML5 book only)

7. Add embed html by url for all sites that support oEmbed (for HTML5 book only)

8. Batch upload HTML5 book files

9. Export book to photo album for sharing (for fixed layout books only)

10. Trim video

11. Speed up the process of updating HTML5 book to Google Drive (only upload modified files)

12. Fix image editor issues