Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Creative Book Builder v2.3

Creative Book Builder v2.3 is released.

Here are new features:

1. Revamp Question Element:
  • Insert image for question and answer
  • Answer layout (number of columns)
  • Show or hide radio button
  • Radio button position

2. Change appearance for Audio Recording & Song Element:
  • Use your own image
  • Tap image to play or stop audio
  • Option to hide audio control 

3. New Drawing Element

4. New Vimeo Video Element

5. Update Google Drive SDK

6. Import Google Document to fixed layout book

7. Import PDF as image to fixed layout book

8. Import EPUB to existing fixed layout book

9. Add glossary for fixed layout book

10. Fix bug when selecting photo from photo library

11. Fix bug for pdf version