Sunday, February 5, 2017

App Language Problem

Sometimes some users complain that language of CBB app is changed to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. The reason is related to preferred language settings on your device.

For example, your order of preferred language is Italian, Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese.

Creative Book Builder currently supports English, French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. No Italian is provided. However, your second language is Simplified Chinese, and then iOS chooses Simplified Chinese. Therefore, language of CBB app is changed to Simplified Chinese. For more information, check this out:

The solution is to change ordering of preferred language. You can just move English to be second language or move English before French, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Creative Book Builder v3.8

New features:

1. Delete multiple footnotes

2. Rich Text Editor: add Paste As HTML option.

3. UI improvement

4. Bug fix

Here are some UI changes when editing chapter:

Text and image shortcut icons are added to the top navigation bar to make it easier to complete common tasks: add paragraph and images. Tool icon is used to add other elements.

Chapter heading is moved above element list. It can show more characters for long heading.

Publish button is moved next to preview icon. It becomes consistent with fixed layout editor. The flow is much more clear now: after previewing, the next task is publishing.

Paste As HTML option:

By default, content which is pasted to rich text editor becomes plain text in order to avoid invalid characters. From 3.8, tap action icon and then select "Paste As HTML" action. It can keep style of content.