Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Important Changes For Version 2.4

"Section" changed to "Group"

From the first version, the term "Section" mentioned in CBB means a set of chapters and sub sections. It works like "folder" in file system.

However, we did not aware that "Section" has different meanings in the book. Under chapter, it contains a set of sections. Therefore, it causes a lot of confusion.

From version 2.4, the term "Section" is changed to "Group" to reflect the meanings defined in CBB.

Trash function

When you delete any elements in chapters or pages, they are moved to trash now. You can restore elements, delete elements or empty trash at any time.

Add Your Own Font

Before using your own font, you need to upload font file in TrueType or OpenType format to Google Drive first. Then you can download the font file from Google Drive to CBB in order to set up font via "Custom Font" function.