Monday, March 26, 2018

Easy Book Template Distribution for Students

Instead of starting from scratch, teachers would like to distribute book template to students to get started.

Creative Book Classroom now supports uploading book template for each task so that participants can download book template to create new book.

For task settings, you can tap Upload Book Template to upload EPUB file that can be created by your favorite EPUB generation app.

You can delete book template by tapping Delete Book Template.

Finally, students will see book template in the task detail and tap Download Book Template to download EPUB file to start with.

If students are using Creative Book Builder to write book, they just tap Create Book From Template to import EPUB file to CBB directly since CBB integrates with CBC seamlessly.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

New way to share your books with classmates

Creative Book Classroom v1.2 supports a great new feature: Library.

New library features allow teachers to share session as library so that all participants can view books within the session/library. New library tab can access the shared libraries.

In session settings, tap Library Access to change library access level.

By default, library access level is set to "No Access", i.e. no one can access library. The library will not appear in library tab. If it is changed to "Access All", all books can be accessed in the library. If you just want only reviewed books to share, you can change it to "Access Reviewed".

Creative Book Builder v4.5

New feature:

1. Create new book from template via Creative Book Classroom

2. Bug fix

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

6 Reasons Why Creative Book Classroom Is Useful In Your Classroom

1. Track Book Writing Progress

When students start writing book, how do teachers know their progress in real time ? There are 4 statuses to keep track of progress: Started, Submitted, In Review & Reviewed. Teachers can check to see if the students have read task description and submitted book in one screen.

2. Highlight Text & Add Notes

By using iBooks, teachers can highlight text and add notes but teachers cannot export notes to their students for reviewing. CBC allows teachers to do these and lets students review the notes.

3. Collect Book Submission Effortlessly

It is painful for teachers to collect book submission. Students may upload books to somewhere. Teachers download books to iPad and bring them to iBooks to read one by one. It is time consuming. By using CBC, students just upload books and then teachers can view books effortlessly.

4. View Book Directly

There are many learning management platform, but none of them support viewing EPUB within the app or browsers. Teacher can preview EPUB within CBC app directly.

5. Better Task Management

Teachers manage session into different tasks. It is similar to to-do list that helps students present their idea under clear and simple instruction.

6. Better Version Control

When the books are reviewed by teachers, students upload new books and the last reviewed books are kept so that teachers and students can check notes and comments for reviewed books at any time.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Creative Book Builder v4.4

New features:

1. Upload EPUB to Creative Book Classroom

2. Bug fix