Friday, February 7, 2020

Creative Book Builder for Mac v1.7

New features:

1. Paragraph editor: heading, blockquote, indent, outdent, remove format, redo, undo

2. Markdown editor: new toolbar for easier editing

3. HTML editor: new toolbar for easier editing

4. Keyboard shortcuts for editors

5. Fix dark mode issues

6. Bug fix

Monday, February 3, 2020

OneEdit Pro for Mac v3.2

OneEdit Pro for Mac is finally launched on Mac App Store.

OneEdit makes batch image processing and uploading easier. OneEdit executes multiple editing and exporting tasks on multiple photos at ONE time. You can generate zip file for multiple images on the go. You can also transfer your edited photos to your computer directly, save to photo library, upload to Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, FTP and WebDAV Servers by ONE tap.

Editing Tasks:
* Resize (fit into or scale proportionally)
* Scale (resize image based on scale)
* Flip (horizontal or vertical)
* Add Filters
* Rotate (optional for different orientation)
* Crop or circular crop
* Add Text (change font style and size)
* Add text with any image properties from EXIF or original filename
* Add Border
* Add Image Overlay (with transparent background)
* Add Shadow (transparent background)
* Add Timestamp (different format)
* Convert to Grayscale
* Update or remove GPS data
* Add Creative Commons License to the comment field of photo

Exporting Tasks
* Merge output images to PDF
* Merge output images to Montage (grid, vertical, horizontal)
* Generate and email ZIP file from output images
* Upload to Dropbox
* Upload to Google Drive
* Upload to Facebook Page
* Upload to Flickr
* Save to Photo Library
* Upload to FTP Server
* Upload to WebDAV server

Other Features
* Support drag & drop photos from/to other apps
* Option to use original file name when exporting
* Edit original file name before editing or exporting
* Batch change original filename or title before execution
* Filename settings: Starting Index & Leading Zero
* Add date time original for output filename
* Preview resulted filename before uploading
* Support Open In action for individual photo, generated PDF or ZIP
* Show EXIF data of photo
* Option to keep history or not
* Delete items in the output
* Share to device
* Save multiple files to Files app
* Open photo in other apps to bring it to OneEdit

Image Output Format:

Import Method
* Camera
* Photo Library
* Files App
* Dropbox
* Google Drive
* Facebook
* FTP Server
* WebDAV Server
* Clipboard
* Share photos from other apps into OneEdit using Share Extension

The sequence of tasks and output format can be saved as profile to make regular tasks to re-do without setting again. OneEdit can also be batch image transfer tool and batch image uploader by skipping editing tasks.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

TouchAppCreator v3.7

TouchAppCreator enables everyone to create touch-optimized, and content-centric mobile web apps for both iPhone and iPad in a few minutes on the go.

New features:

1. Customize theme using new style editor

2. Change background color and font color for the whole web app

3. Menu is hidden when only one page exists

4. Option to hide footer

5. Context Menu for Web App List, Page List, Group List & Element List

6. Keyboard Shortcuts for Rich Text Editor, Markdown Editor, and HTML Editor Interface

7. UI enhancement

8. Bug fix