Sunday, June 3, 2018

3D Flashcards on AR by SplashObjects

SplashObjects is a new way to create 3D flashcards on Augmented Reality (AR) to help everyone learn and memorize everything quickly.

Instead of boring text and images, you can add 3D objects to visualize the vocabulary. You can also flip cards and take quiz through camera.

* Each card contains term in the front and definition in the back.
* The definition can be represented by 3D object, image, animated gif or text.
* Easy gesture control: tap gesture to flip card, pan gesture to rotate card, swipe left to go to next card, swipe right to go to previous card.
* Three types of question: Multiple Choices, Written, True Or False.
* Quiz: different types of questions are displayed in random ordering.
* Term and definition can be spoken in your defined language by machine using text-to-speech.

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