Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Creative Book Classroom: Progress Tracking & Review

Creative Book Classroom is a new way for teachers to keep track of progress, give quick review, grade and comment for books written by students. This is extremely useful in classroom, teachers can help students writing books better on any subjects.

Creative Book Classroom (CBC) redefines book writing cycle: Write, Submit, Review, Feedback.

Teachers can create session according to lesson. Each session contains different tasks. More and smaller tasks make writing cycle faster. Each task contains detailed description. Students can read task description and then write book by using any book writing app.

For those who are using Creative Book Builder (CBB) app, students just login with Google account or email, join session by code and complete tasks within CBB app because CBB integrates tightly with CBC.

When students finish tasks, they can submit book for each tasks by exporting books to EPUB or PDF format.

Teachers can view progress update by task and by user for each session in real time. Teachers can highlight text and add notes on EPUB, and also give their comments. Teachers can view grade and status reports and export reports to CSV format.

Students can review their own progress and view feedback from teachers as well. Students can update their books and teachers can review them again. This cycle can be iterated over many times.

Creative Book Builder v4.3

New features:

1. Import or download files to resources library directly

2. Integrate with Creative Book Classroom

3. Optimized for iOS 11

4. Optimized for iPhone X