Thursday, November 9, 2023

Learning Math through Games on Home Screen Widgets

We are thrilled to announce that our new learning app MingKi Number Games is launched. 

MingKi Number Games is a new way to play mathematical games on home screen widgets. By leveraging interactive features of widgets, you can now learn mathematics through games on the widgets without opening the app. 

Currently, there are 6 topics: Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Mixed Operations. 

Game Configuration 
You can choose from different topics, number of levels and difficulty to play. 

Game Types 
There are many game types: selection, comparison, matching, connection, ordering, calculation. Each topic contains different game types. 

After finishing each level, the score will be displayed immediately. When you complete all levels, you can view the overall score for all levels in the main app. 

Unlimited Games 
Each game is generated based on random numbers. Combination is unlimited. If the game is restarted, a new combination is generated. 

If you are an educator, you can ask your students to export scores as CSV files for reporting purposes.

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Next Generation of ebooks on Home Screen Widgets by MingKi Author Widgets

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching next generation of ebooks on home screen widgets. 

MingKi Author is a new way to create and share your tiny books on home screen widgets. By leveraging interactive features of widgets, you can now browse your books on the widget without opening the app.

Book Creation

You can create square and landscape books. Square book can also be viewed on an extra large widget as two pages. You can create pages using different layouts. 

Rich Content

You can add text, photos, audios, recordings, and drawings to your books. You can set the background image and background color of pages.

Upload & Share

Once you complete your book creation, you can upload your book and share the code with your audience. 

Join Books

You can invite others to join your book by sending code or QR Code. Others just simply input the code to join.

Version Update

When you update a new version of your book, your audience can get the update by reloading the book. Reload frequency can be easily changed.

Terms of Use (EULA)

Saturday, June 17, 2023

WidgetGrid v3.0 - New Layout Type, Conditional Formats, Show Weather and more

New features:

1. New layout types: Gauge View, Calendar Month View, Photo View, QR Code View

2. Add Conditional Format Rules to change text color if the conditions are matched

3. Show reload timestamp

4. Show weather

5. Change reload and edit data button color

6. New display rule for card and photo view: fixed, random, or row index

Check this out:

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

WidgetGrid v2.8 - Share Project for Collaboration

We are excited to announce that WidgetGrid v2.8 supports sharing project for collaboration. 

Advantages Of Sharing Project

  1. Project owner can invite others as collaborators to edit project together.
  2. Project owner can distribute their projects to others so that they can add widgets to their home screen.
  3. When backend data is updated, all collaborators' devices get the latest content when widgets reload at the specified interval.

How To Share Project

Project owner shares project 
  1. Tap into project 
  2. Tap more icon and then select "Share Project" 
  3. Go to data URL and then add permission to collaborator 
  4. Tap Next button to copy project code 

Collaborator joins project 
  1. Tap menu icon and then select "Shared" 
  2. Tap + icon and then select "Join Project" 
  3. Input project code 
  4. Tap Join button

Here is video demo:

Download WidgetGrid on App Store:

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Download Creative Widget Builder for free

We are excited to announce that You can download Creative Widget Builder for FREE now.

Creative Widget Builder is a new way to create your own book widgets in order to add more fun and interactivity to EPUB, iBooks, HTML5 books & TouchAppCreator Web App.

Check out all the example widgets generated by Creative Widget Builder:

Check out the following videos for integration:

1. Bring widgets to Creative Book Builder

2. Bring widgets to Creative Book Reader

3. Bring widgets to TouchAppCreator

Download Creative Widget Builder on the App Store:

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Convert Airtable into iOS widgets by WidgetGrid v2.7

We are excited to announce that WidgetGrid v2.7 supports Airtable now.

You can select Base, and then Table, and finally View to connect to backend data.

Here is the demo:

Monday, March 13, 2023

Convert Microsoft Excel into iOS widgets by WidgetGrid v2.5

WidgetGrid v2.5 supports Microsoft Excel now. 

You can create project from Microsoft Excel via OneDrive or Excel URL.

You can also filter projects by provider in project list.

Here is the demo:

Download WidgetGrid on the App Store: