Friday, December 27, 2019

Creative Book Builder v4.9

New features:

1. Support Dark Mode (iOS 13 only)

2. New drawing tool using PencilKit (iOS 13 only)

3. Support Multiple Windows (iOS 13 only)

4. Scan document & extract text from document (iOS 13 only)

5. Optimized for iOS 13

6. Fix Quiz bug

7. Bug fix

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Both Creative Book Builder & Creative Book Reader Support Mac

Creative Book Reader for Mac is just launched on Mac App Store.

Now you can create HTML5 books in Creative Book Builder for Mac (latest version) and distribute HTML5 books to anyone who just downloads Creative Book Reader for Mac (FREE) to view HTML5 books conveniently.

HTML5 book is a mini HTML5 app that consists of one master page (index.html), some full screen pages and some resources (e.g. videos, photos, javascript files). It can be viewed using any browsers on any platforms because file format is standard HTML5 format. Therefore, any embed codes should work. Please refer to the article Introducing HTML5 books for more detail.

Creative Book Reader for Mac Demo

Bring HTML5 book from Creative Book Builder to Creative Book Reader (iOS Version)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Creative Book Builder for Mac v1.6

New features:

1. Support Dark Mode

2. Export as HTML5 book

3. Bug fix