Saturday, April 19, 2014

Version 2.8 Highlights


You can now create Quiz element that contains a set of questions. After answering all questions, users can view their score.

Points to note:
  • Quiz can be displayed in embedded or hidden & full screen mode.
  • Quiz can be displayed with or without paging.
  • For hidden & full screen mode, you can add new link element or link in paragraph and markdown to launch the quiz. It is very flexible.
  • You can copy existing question element into quiz.
  • You can control the size of quiz.

Features of quiz for different layout:
Quiz \ LayoutClassicFixed Layout
(Paging is not allowed)
(Paging is needed)
Hidden & Full ScreenSupported
(Size should be specified)
(Size should be specified)


You can now create Slideshow element that contains a set of images. Each image can contain caption with title and description. You can tap the image to show or hide the full screen button and play button. You can tap play or pause button to play or pause slideshow. You can even swipe right to left in order to go to next image.

Points to note:
  • Slideshow can be displayed in embedded or hidden mode.
  • You can control size, interval, caption, caption style, auto-start option of slideshow.
  • You can choose transition effect: Push & Fade.
  • For hidden & full screen mode, you can add new link element or link in paragraph and markdown to launch the slideshow. It is very flexible.

Features of slideshow for different layout:
Slideshow \ LayoutClassicFixed Layout
Embedded & Full ScreenNot SupportedSupported
(Size should be specified)
Hidden & Full ScreenSupportedSupported

Preparation of Publishing

If you intend to publish the book to online book store, CBB now will provide some advices in order to make the publishing process easier. CBB checks if the problems exist in the book, e.g. missing author, missing published date, etc. so that you can solve these problems before uploading book to online book store. It can greatly save your time to communicate with online book store.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Creative Book Builder v2.8

Creative Book Builder v2.8 is released.

Here are new features:

1. New Quiz Element

2. New Slideshow Element

3. Search elements by keywords

4. Add link in markdown element

5. Support inline equation and horizontal line for paragraph element

6. Book Information Preference

7. Show warning messages for those who would like to publish book to online book store

8. Search books by keywords

9. Page thumbnails for fixed layout books

10. Change audio element to button mode

11. Better support for EPUB generated by Pages app