Wednesday, September 16, 2020

OneEdit Pro v3.4: Batch Edit, Filter, Merge & Upload Photos

OneEdit makes batch image processing, filtering, merging & uploading easier. OneEdit executes multiple editing and exporting tasks on multiple photos at ONE time.

New features:

1. Edit original filename & title: 
- before executing batch job
- before uploading
- in history

2. Consistent UI for changing original filename or title

3. Grouping: 
- group photos by setting number of photos for each group
- execute merge tasks (merge to pdf, merge to montage, generate animated gif, generate zip) on each group, e.g. merge to pdf for each group instead of all photos

4. Reordering:
- sort photos by original filename, title, file size, width and height

5. Image overlay interface
- scale image to position smaller logo more accurately
- editing handle is hidden if logo is too small in order to move logo easier

6. Place ordering number on the image

7. Better date time format for filename and text overlay

8. Select background or image overlay from Unsplash and Flickr

9. Instant preview of rotate task

10. Bug fix