There are a lot of ways to share your books created by CBB to others.

If you want to publish your books online,
If the recipients have iPad & iPhone and iBooks app is installed,
  • You can email book
  • You can upload to Dropbox 
  • You can upload to Google Drive
  • You can upload to FTP Server
  • You can upload to WebDAV Server
If all devices are in the same intranet without internet connection, 
  • You can turn on "Share to Device" function. Others can scan QR code shown or type provided URL in browser  to download book
If your devices do not have any network connection,
  • You can connect iPad to computer and using iTunes File Sharing to get books
If you want to share your books with those who do not have iPad or iPhone,
  • You can use Readium to read books via Chrome browser
  • You can use iBooks Mac app to read books
If you want to turn books into mobile web app for sharing,

If all of the above methods are not applicable for you, please suggest us and we will hear from you.