Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Creative Book Builder v3.4

New features:

1. New Element: Shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, star, etc.)

2. New Element: Checklist (list item with checkbox)

3. New Element: Rich Table (more customized table with images)

4. New Element: Table Of Contents

5. Add screen recording to explain everything within the app (for iOS 9 only)

6. Embed Google Forms easier (for HTML5 book only)

7. Add embed html by url for all sites that support oEmbed (for HTML5 book only)

8. Batch upload HTML5 book files

9. Export book to photo album for sharing (for fixed layout books only)

10. Trim video

11. Speed up the process of updating HTML5 book to Google Drive (only upload modified files)

12. Fix image editor issues

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