Sunday, January 31, 2016

Create Beautiful Diagram Using Shapes Element

From version 3.4, you can create a beautiful diagram to illustrate your idea using new Shapes element.

The following shapes are supported:
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Ellipse
  • Star
  • Arrow
  • Line
  • Polygon
  • Text box
  • Image box

In element list or page, tap + button, select Widget, then select Shapes to launch Shapes editor.
Tap shape icon to add new shape.

When select the shape, top navigation bar is changed, and then you can edit the properties of the selected shape.

Tap T icon to add text or tap image icon to insert image.

Moreover, tap settings icon to change the size, background image or color of the whole canva.

Finally, shapes will be saved as image.


  1. I'm used to create diagram from online diagramming and collaboration software Creately then import to blogger. This was I get to update the diagram any time I want live.

  2. Thanks for the screenshots. They help a lot.