Friday, May 15, 2015

Unleash the power of Creative Book Builder (1): Different types of books

CBB allows you to create different types of books in terms of layout, page turning, and even vertical text.

There are 5 types of layout: Classic (Reflowable), Fixed Layout, Landscape, Portrait and Square. Classic book can adapt its presentation to output device. Elements in Classic books are displayed linearly. Other types of books have fixed size. Elements in other types of books are displayed at the fixed position. You can convert Fixed Layout books into Classic books by using Copy To function.

There are 4 types of direction: Left-to-right, Right-to-left, Vertical Text with Left-to-right, Vertical Text with Right-to-left. Most of the books with English language's text are using Left-to-right direction. The traditional books with Chinese and Japanese language are usually using Vertical Text with Right-to-left direction. You can change direction by the following steps:

  1. Open book
  2. Tap Settings icon at the bottom toolbar
  3. Tap Book Style
  4. Tap Direction

Also, in the book generation interface, you can use older EPUB version, i.e. 2.0 for older EPUB readers. Some EPUB readers do not support separate CSS file. In this case, you can enable Inline Stylesheet.

By default, all the books are opened to spread two pages when you are using iBooks to view book. When you view Landscape book, you need to scroll the page horizontally until you see another page because the screen is not enough to display two pages in this case. We are aware of this and we add an option called "Open to Spread" in book generation interface. You just turn it off. Then only one page will be shown to fit the screen. You can swipe left or right to turn the page.

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