Monday, May 18, 2015

Unleash the power of Creative Book Builder (2): Powerful and flexible widget

We all know that interactive content is very important for ebooks. It helps people better understand the content and feel more interesting. CBB supports a lot of powerful and flexible widget to make your content more interactive.

Read Aloud
For any read aloud books (fixed layout only), iBooks can play audio and highlight the word at the same time. It can turn the page automatically. CBB allows you to add read aloud features to your book easier by taking 3 simple steps: add text, record audio, and finally mix text with audio.

Quiz & Question
CBB supports multiple choice questions. Quiz can contain a set of questions. Each question and answer can contain text and image. The readers choose their answer, and then they check if it is correct or not. It is useful for them to revise the content they have read before.

Slideshow can contain a set of slides. Each slide can contain image and audio. When you play slideshow, audio will be played at the same time for each slide. You can even record your voice for story telling purpose.

Sometimes, you may need a simple chart to illustrate the figures for convincing or reporting purpose. CBB supports bar chart, line chart, pie chart, etc. You can input the data and customize the look and feel of the charts.

Equations (LaTeX)
If you know LaTeX syntax, you will find that it is one of great feature to input mathematical formula or equations to build math or science book easier.

Table, Drawing & QR Code
You can present summary and figures as table format. You can draw using finger. You can insert QR Code that represents any link.

Not enough ? We will continue to explore and add more widgets. Stay tuned.

You can also submit your request to our support anytime.

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