Sunday, January 29, 2017

Creative Book Builder for Mac

We are excited that we bring Creative Book Builder to Mac now.

You may spend more time on mobile devices than desktop. However, you still need to work on desktop because desktop has more power and bigger screen. It makes book writing more convenient. For example, you can write a book and browse websites for research at the same time, copy text from your documents and paste text on the book, etc.

We bring most of basic features from iOS version to Mac version. Most of the interface is redesigned and optimized for desktop experiences. It is the first version of CBB for Mac. Some of advanced features will be coming soon.

Here is demonstration video:

Advantages of Creative Book Builder for Mac:

1. CBB for Mac is fully compatible with CBB for iOS.

2. Work on desktop and mobile devices seamlessly.

3. Increase your productivity for your familiar desktop environment.

Tips for Mac version:

1. Use mouse to right click items. You can find many actions when contextual menu is shown.

2. Hold Shift or Command key and use mouse to select multiple items.

3. Use mouse to drag and drop chapters / groups and elements to change ordering.

4. In paragraph editor, you can paste text by Command + V key and plain text is inserted by default because complex HTML code may make the content invalid. If you want to paste HTML content, click "More" icon on the toolbar and then click "Paste HTML".

5. In paragraph editor, you can use the following hot keys:
  • Command + b:  make the selected text bold
  • Command + i: make the selected text italic
  • Command + u: make the selected text underline
  • Command + z: undo
  • Command + y: redo
  • Command + a: select all text

The following advanced features will be released in next version:

1. iCloud Integration

2. Fixed Layout book support

3. Built-in advanced widgets, like slideshow, rich table, quiz, etc.

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