Thursday, August 20, 2015

Podcast Generation

One of nice feature introduced in version 3.3 is: Podcast Generation.

When your book contains audio or video in each page and you want to reuse content, you can publish book as Podcast. The book information is shown as podcast's information. The cover image becomes podcast's cover. The first audio or video in each page becomes podcast's item. You can add title and description to audio or video and those information will become the title and description of podcast's item.

How to generate Podcast

  1. Tap Publish button, and then select Podcast
  2. Tap Preview Podcast button to view your podcast's items
  3. Tap Upload to Google Drive (Hosting) button to upload necessary files to Google Drive for web hosting
  4. Tap Go to Podcast button to subscribe that podcast to your podcast app
  5. Tap Email Podcast button to send podcast link to your subscribers

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