Friday, August 18, 2017

Smart Merge - increase your productivity

From version 4.2, Creative Book Builder introduces a great new feature called Smart Merge.

Smart Merge is a new way to merge the placeholders of the content with different values so that the book can be used as template. Instead of copying and pasting contents, different books are generated automatically according to the template.

First, you need to define placeholders using {{ and }}, e.g. {{place_holder_name}}.

For example, the content is defined as below:

This book "{{place_holder_title}}" is created by {{place_holder_author}}

The above content can be merged with values:

This book "Creative Book Builder Getting Started" is created by CBB Support

This book "English Lesson" is created by Teacher A

This book "Training Manual" is created by Peter

Placeholders can be defined anywhere, including cover image and book information.

For example, the placeholders, e.g. {{cover_title}}, {{author}} are added to cover image as below:

Those placeholders' values are defined as "Smart Merge" and "CBB Support", after smart merging, the cover image will become:

How to use Smart Merge to generate new book:

1. Tap Publish button to bring the action menu, and then select "Smart Merge".

2. CBB can scan all the pages, cover image, and book information to discover placeholders. Placeholder list is shown after searching.

3. Fill in the values for placeholders.

4. Tap Merge button to start merging.

5. Finally, you can preview the resulted book, upload the result book to cloud services, or add the resulted book as a new book.


  1. All of these little additions aren't helping the fact that you have a major glitch that actually stops people from unlocking the full capability of the app. The glitch in which anytime you get half way down a new paragraph (or old paragraph.) letters and characters suddenly become invisible when typed, until you click "save" this makes it impossible to know if what you're typing is correct. Please just fix this huge glitch to this otherwise amazing app.

    1. Can you please email your case to support ? This problem has been fixed.

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