Saturday, May 11, 2024

WidgetGrid v6.5 - Transparent Background, Hidden & Gradient

New features: 

1. Transparent Background Settings (for iPhone & iPad only) 
2. Gradient Color Background 
3. Content Style: background, padding, shadow, etc. 
4. Content Shape: Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, etc. 
5. Corner Radius for form, table, kanban 
6. Set widget to be hidden when transparent background is used 
7. More advanced markdown support 
8. Bug fix

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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Friday, April 26, 2024

MingKi Author Widgets: Transparent Background, Hidden & Gradient

MingKi Author is a new way to create and share your tiny books on widgets.

New features:

1. Transparent Background (for iPhone & iPad only)
2. Gradient Background
3. More advanced markdown
4. Support Google Sign In
5. Set widget to be hidden when transparent background is used
6. Bug fix

Friday, February 9, 2024

WidgetGrid v5.5 - Kanban View, Rating, Image Below Text, Border, Page Indicator

New features: 

1. New Kanban View (tap item to select, and then tap header to move) 
2. New Rating Column: use different emoji 
3. New image position: below text (as item background image) 
4. Add border to the widget 
5. Create Excel project from template 
6. Show or hide page indicator 
7. New title position: top and bottom 
8. New button position: top and bottom 
9. Add reload and edit data button on small widgets 
10. Improved Layout Type Selector 
11. Style Tab: expand all or collapse all 
12. Show or hide source data view in edit view 
13. Create Excel project from WidgetGrid folder 
14. Create project by searching files in Google Drive 
15. Change padding of table, form & kanban

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Monday, January 22, 2024

WidgetGrid v5.0 - Checkbox Field, Text to Speech Field, Flip Card View, Form View

New features:

1. Change maximum item count for source data loading 
2. New Checkbox feature on widgets: toggle button to change value of field 
3. New Text-to-Speech feature on widgets: audio button to convert text into speech 
4. New Flip Card View 
5. New Form View 
6. New To Do List Template (checkbox) 
7. New Vocabulary List Template (text-to-speech) 
8. New Flash Card Template (flip card view) 
9. New Contact List Template (form view) 
10. Support simple markdown text for text and detail field 
11. Tap Upload button to upload shared project when it is changed 
12. Show text and detail column name

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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Learn New Words through Games on Widgets

MingKi Vocabulary Games is a new way to play vocabulary games on widgets. By leveraging interactive features of widgets, you can now learn new words through games on the widgets without opening the app.

Learning Words
Currently, there are about 2900 commonly used English words. You should learn new words before playing games because those games are related to the words you just learnt.

You can change the number of words, number of levels and translation language for each lesson. It is useful to control your progress.

Game Types
There are many game types: find word by meaning or translation, find meaning by word, spell word by voice, true or false questions, matching, etc. They are randomly picked up for each level.

After finishing each lesson, the score will be shown. You can view the complete score for all lessons in the main app.

You can review the last lesson to study words and play games again in order to improve your understanding.

If you are an educator, you can ask your students to export scores as CSV files for reporting purposes.

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