Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fixed Layout Book Enhancement

From version 4.2, we have improved Fixed Layout book creation for better user experience.

1. New interface for adding new book is allowed to choose layout type and customize the size:

2. After selecting layout type, corresponding default size is shown below. Tap the size to change size. The customized size will be saved and you do not need to set again. Moreover, you can tap "Use Default" to use the default size at any time. The Classic books (i.e. reflow-able books) do not have size settings.

3. Next and previous icons are moved to the middle right and middle left edges for navigation. If current page is last page, next icon will be changed to add icon that can be used to add new page.

4. There are icons in the bottom of the page. Text icon is used to add new title, paragraph, etc. Image icon is used to add new image from photo library and cloud services. Microphone icon is used to add new audio recording. Tool icon is used to add other elements. More icon contains other commands, e.g. set as draft, share page, delete page, etc.

5. Glossary and footnotes can be accessed via More icon in the top bar.

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