Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Import Posts From WordPress

WordPress is a popular blogging system in the world used on millions of sites every day. Do you want to import content from your WordPress blogs to your book ? Now, Creative Book Builder offers an easy way to import it.

First, you tap import button (down arrow) and then select WordPress. Import screen will be shown. is the official hosting platform. By default, the host is "". If you have self-hosted WordPress platform or some other platforms based on WordPress (e.g., you can change host accordingly. Please note that the specified WordPress Platform should enable XML-RPC.

Next step is to log on to your WordPress Platform by tapping Login button. After you log on successfully, you can select one of the blogs. Then you can change search criteria: tag, sorting order, and date range. Finally, you tap Start Import button. When import process is completed, new book is created.

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