Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creative Book Builder v2.6

Creative Book Builder v2.6 is released.

Here are new features:

1. Read Aloud

2. New Chart Element (Pie, Bar, Line, Donut, Horizontal Bar, Radar)

3. Resource Library

4. Copy fixed layout book and convert it to classic book

5. Change style for all elements in whole page or whole book at one time

6. Share individual page

7. Open In support for images, videos, audio recordings (export file to other app)

8. Change chapter or page title according to prefix and number

9. Add more book information to cover image

10. Configure table font style

11. Configure question font style


  1. I have the CBB app. How do I share a single page. I've looked but can't determine how.

    1. Please choose to create fixed layout book, tap spanner icon at the bottom, and then select "Share Page".

    2. So this feature is limited to fixed layout and not classic...

    3. Any way currently to convert a classic ebook to fixed layout style without having to recreate from scratch? A conversion tool?

    4. Currently, this is not supported because of page layout problem. We will investigate the possibility.

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