Saturday, December 17, 2011

New way to share your books

Do you have problem for distributing your books to your friends, students or desired groups?

It is difficult for non-publishers to publish book to online book store because there are a lot of process to go through. How about you just want to share your books for free or get feedback for your first draft of books ? Book Center is the solution.

Book Center is a powerful social ebook sharing platform that built on Posterous. It helps you create specific post for your books and create your private or public space to host your books on the go. Your friends can also contribute their own to the same space. Others can subscribe your space to receive updates. For those who do not have Book Center, it is also convenient to browse your books by visiting your space on the web.

It is time to change. Everyone is writing books ! Happy sharing !


  1. I am totally confused by this app. I can't find a "help" section to refer to. My pictures are not appearing where I want them to, and when I try to move them, they disappear. Is there somewhere I can go as reference?

  2. Please send email to support